Social finance, impact investing, and the financialization of public interest, University of Hambourg, March 2017

University of Hambourg, Centre for Globalization and Governance, March 23rd-24th, 2017

All the presentations are listed below. For further information upon the content of the communications, click here!

  • Juliette Alenda (Université Lille 1), “Development Impact Bonds: change or continuity in development policies?”
  • Matthew Archer (Yale University), “Financializing Ecology: Techniques and Technologies of Sustainable Investing”
  • Emily Barman (Boston University), “Of Love and Lucre: Theorizing Value/s in the Market of Impact Investing”
  • Mareike Beck (University of Sussex), “Financial expansion, politics and (non-)profit: the turn of German banks towards microfinance”
  • Davide Caselli (University of Turin), “Bringing finance in the field. Insights into the financialization of welfare from the perspective of sociology of expertise”
  • Pauline Debanes (EHESS, Paris), “Government as both a general and a limited partner – political economy of the financialization of policies in Korea”
  • Antoine Ducastel & Ward Anseew (CIRAD, Montpellier), “Impact investment as a “new” framework for the South African development?
  • Jacob Hellman (University of California), “Metrics don’t work here: the ‘gut’ as judgment device for Financial and social value”
  • Leslie Huckfield (Glasgow Caledonian University), “Social Impact Bonds – The case for a pause”
  • Robert Lake (Rutgers University), “The New Class Structure of Social Impact Finance”
  • Sarah Lenz (Goethe University), Sighard Neckel (Hamburg University), “Ethical Banking between Moral Self-commitment and Economic Growth”
  • Simon Lilley, Kenneth Weir, Geoff Lightfoot, David Harvie, (University of Leicester), “The Invisible Calculus at the Heart of Social Finance: Exploring the UK’s Social Investment Market”
  • Philip Mader (Institute of Development Studies), Card Crusaders, Cash Infidels and the Holy Grails of Digital Financial Inclusion
  • Camille Meyer (Université Libre de Bruxelles), “Building Commons on Community Institutions: The Case of Self-Managed Microfinance Organizations”
  • Serena Natile (Kent Law School), “Financial inclusion and the Mobile Money Social Enterprise: Investigating the Gender Implications of M-Pesa in Kenya”
  • Daniel Neyland, Sveta Milyaeva, Vera Ehrenstein (Goldsmiths University of London), “On the transformation of children at-risk into an investment proposition: A study of Social Impact Bonds as an anti-market device”
  • Robert Ogman (de Montfort University), “On the transformation of children at-risk into an investment proposition: A study of Social Impact Bonds as an anti-market device”
  • Elen Riot (Université de Reims – Champagne-Ardennes), “Social impact bonds for the Children: Two Projects and their Discourse about Social Problems in France Today”
  • Emily Rosenman (University of British Columbia), “Monetizing social change? Valuing the returns of social impact investing in theory and in practice”
  • Patricia Saez (University of Leicester), “How do impact investors decide to invest?”
  • Jon Sallé, Bonnie Brusky, Cécile Lapenu (CERISE-Microfinance), “Universal Standards for Social Performance Management: an inspiring framework for Impact Investing stakeholders”
  • Allison Tse & Mildred Warner (Cornell University), “The Razor’s Edge: Social Impact Bonds and the Financialization of Early Childhood Services”
  • Jay Wiggan (University of Edinburgh), “Selling financialised welfare futures: the Social Impact Investment Market and the policy boostering discourse of UK Governments”
  • James Williams (York University), “Capturing the ‘Invisible Heart of Markets’: Social Impact Bonds, Private Capital, and Emerging Markets in Social Services”