Theo Bourgeron (University of Edinburgh)


I am a second-year PhD candidate at the university of Edinburgh. My PhD is supervised by Donald MacKenzie (university of Edinburgh) and Valérie Boussard (university of Paris-Ouest/IDHES). In 2015, I have done a 3-month ethnography of a European private equity fund specialised in impact investing, along with a dozen of formal interviews with the fund’s members. Elaborating on this empirical material, I intend to investigate the way the changes in social funding are affected by the imaginaries of financiers, through the impact investing sector. I have presented the first results of my ethnography at the EHESS “Financiarisation et politiques publiques” seminar in April 2016 (“Quand les financiers investissent le social. La construction d’un business model de l’intermédiation financière du social”). I am part of the organising committee of the “Social finance, impact investing and the financialization of public interest” conference.
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