Lisa Knoll (University of Hamburg)

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Lisa Knoll is an economic sociologist working on the Sociology of Critique and Conventions for several years. In her research, she investigated the practical and justificatory obstacles with implementing financial risk technologies at municipal energy providing organizations. One of the outcomes was that financialization is not a straightforward process, but companies compromise financial risk calculations with a long-term procurement logic. Furthermore, she investigated carbon trading schemes as a consequence of a certain notion of “the market”, which separates “the inside” and “the outside” of the market. This leads to a certain type of regulation/ bureaucracy at the line of this conceptual divide. Her current research is about Social Impact Bonds (or Pay-for-Success-Contracts) that require a certain type of public-private arrangements blurring the concept of external ordo-liberal states. She is thus interested in understanding processes of state transformation in the course of processes of “marketization” or “financialization”.


Selected Publications:

Knoll, Lisa 2015. The hidden regulation of carbon markets. Historical Social Research 40(1), 132-149.

Knoll, Lisa (Hg.) 2015: Organisationen und Konventionen. Die Soziologie der Konventionen in der Organisationsforschung. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Knoll, Lisa 2014. Die Kontinuierung des Emissionshandels. Ein öffentlicher Kompromiss und seine Bruchstellen, in Langenohl, Andreas & Wetzel, Dietmar J. (Hg.): Finanzmarktpublika. Moralität, Krisen und Teilhabe in der ökonomischen Moderne. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 53-73.

Knoll, Lisa 2013. Justification, conventions, and institutions in economic fields. Economic Sociology – European Electronic Newsletter 14(2), 39-45.

Knoll, Lisa & Anita Engels 2012. Exploring the linkages between carbon markets and sustainable innovations in the Energy Sector – Lessons from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. In: Dorothea Jansen, Katrin Ostertag & Rainer Walz (Hg.): Sustainable innovations in the electricity sector. Heidelberg: Springer, 97-116.

Knoll, Lisa 2012. Über die Rechtfertigung wirtschaftlichen Handelns. CO2-Handel in der kommunalen Energiewirtschaft. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.


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