Finance as a response to environmental crises? University of Hamburg, 2018

The international research conference “Finance as a response to environmental crises? Critical analysis of the ‘economicization’ of carbon emissions and biodiversity” was held at the University of Hamburg from November 29th to December 1st 2018. It was the second conference of the research project and was supported by the Anneliese Maier Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The presentations and respective session titles are listed below. The abstract for each presentation can be found here.

REDD+ and Financialization

  • Jenny Goldstein: “Mobilizing investment in the ‘new’ forest- landscape restoration economy: Critical insights from Indonesia”
  • Véra Ehrenstein: “Geopolitics of carbons sinks (or the negotiation of REDD-plus)”
  • Claudia Vitel: “Questioning responsibility, accountability and legitimacy of a local REDD+ project from the perspective of evaluating the environmental performance of a financial instrument”

Impulse Presentation

  • Matthias Kopp (WWF Germany)

Conservation and Finance

  • Delphine Gibassier: “Can Accounting Save Nature? The Case of Endangered Species”
  • Jessica Dempsey & Patrick Bigger: “Intimate Mediations of For-Profit Conservation Finance: Waste, Improvement, and Accumulation”

Carbon Emissions and their Measurement

  • Jayme Walenta: “Aligning Economic Growth and Environmental Protection: a history behind climate responsibility in carbon footprinting”
  • Ricardo Coelho: “Slicing the pie in the sky: The science and politics of carbon commensuration”

Financial instruments and their repercussions

  • Nathalie Berta & Ozgur Gun: “The financial dimension of the European carbon market: a critical analysis”
  • Patrick Bigger & Jessica Dempsey: “Extra-terrestrial finance? Land and the ‘hustle’ to make for-profit conservation assets”

Developing Clients

  • Sara Aguiton: “The rain, the return, and the credit. How an insurance firm in Senegal turns agricultural climate risk into practice.”
  • Alice Valiergue: “Capturing clients in a contested market: analysis of the relational work of carbon offset sellers in the voluntary carbon offset market”

Insurances and their models

  • Ian Gray: “Catastrophe merchants: the convergence of risk analytics and climate data in the estimation of disaster loss”
  • Nicholas Taylor: “Actuarial responses to global environmental crisis: climate risk, investment and the insurance industry”

Economicization and Critique

  • Katharine Farrell & David Löw Beer: “The Value of Prices: A self- critical analysis of a transformative sovereign wealth fund”
  • Juan Ignacio Staricco: “Sustainability as Landnahme? An examination of the economicizing and financializing logics put forward by the Round Table on Responsible Soy”