Eve Chiapello (EHESS, Paris)



Following on from the Sociologie des Outils de Gestion research manual (Chiapello, Gilbert, 2013) which presents various possible approaches to the development of a sociology which takes account of management tools and policy instruments, I aim to analyse transformations of capitalism by decoding the management tools used by companies and the political instruments employed by legal entities under public law to regulate and organise this capitalism. More specifically, over the last two years I have been examining the phenomenon of the financialisation of our economy and the tools used for said financialisation. In particular, I am trying to document the penetration of all business sectors by “financialised” tools, i.e. by instruments which rely both conceptually and technically on the technical and scientific corpus of modern finance. I am also looking to understand the extent to which financialised formats are mobilised to incorporate certain critiques of capitalism into its operation. For example, it would appear that the ecology issue is leading to the invention of various financialised devices.

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